EuMW 2022丨Dalicap attended EuMW exhibition

The 25th European Microwave WeekEuMW week 2022was held at the Italian Milano Convention Center from Sept.25 to 30, 2022. As the world's leading manufacturer of RF/microwave ceramic capacitors (RF/microwave MLCC), Dalicap once again participated in this global industry event and brought high reliability and high stability RF/microwave ceramic capacitor solutions to customers .


EuMW Microwave Industry Event


▲EuMW Milano Convention Center,Italy


European Microwave Week (EuMW) is the most well-known microwave professional forum and exhibition in Europe, which is hosted by the EUMA European Microwave Communication Association. It mainly focuses on RF technology, microwave technology, radar technology and wireless communication technology. The conference scale is more than 4,000 people, bringing together more than 300 professional manufacturers around the world, carrying out three cutting-edge technology conferences, three professional forums, and technology & product exhibitions with the participation of world-renowned RF microwave manufacturers.

▲ RF microwave ceramic capacitors of Dalicap


At this grand event, Dalicap brought core products DLC70 and DLC75 series RF/ microwave ceramic SMD capacitors, bracket capacitors, assemblies and single-layer capacitors, attracting new and old customers from dozens of countries such as Italy, France, Germany and the United States etc. to have discussions and communications, and obtained sample requirements and cooperation from some customers.

▲Dalicap’s booth attracted industry experts and customers to discuss


Daliap has initially established a global sales network. With excellent product performance, fast delivery and perfect service, Dalicap stands out on the stage of world competition and fully demonstrates the development level of local Chinese enterprises in the field of RF microwave capacitors.


▲ Dalicap high-end electronic components industrialization project


In the future, Dalicap will continue to accelerate the pace of innovation and development, bringing the best products and services to customers around the world.