Dalicap In CMW2023


China Microwave Week Exhibition was held in Conference Center Qingdao Movie Metropolis on May 15-16, 2023. As a leading supplier of RF/Microwave MLCC, Dalicap was invited to attend this international event to show the independent R&D capability by providing high reliability and ultra-stable performance RF/Microwave MLCC solutions for customers.


▲CMW 2023


In recent years, the rapid development of Wireless Communication, Satcom, Radar, Radioastron, Aerospace and other wireless applications has made great contributions to the innovation of microwave and millimeter wave technology. And now the application of microwave and millimeter wave technology is going deeper and deeper into our life. Along with the development of the basic theories of microwave and millimeter wave, circuit system, application technology and other aspects, China is embracing a thriving future.


▲Attendees listening to the speech


CMW is an important international event in the microwave industry, as well as the North American IMS and EuMW. Since 2008, with a long history and strong academic influence, it has been held for 14 years. The aim of holding National Conference on Microwave and Millimeter Wave is to provide a platform for scholars and researchers, especially young students to exchange their thoughts in academic and technical area in order to keep microwave and millimeter wave technology growing in China.


                    ▲RF/Microwave Multilayer Chip Ceramic Capacitors


 With its core products such as DLC70 series and DLC75 series RF/Microwave MLCC , Single layer Ceramic Capacitors, General Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors and Capacitor Assemblies, Dalicap attracted lots of experts who come from different industrial fields to the booth for deeper communication.


▲ Booth of DALICAP


As a leading supplier of RF/Microwave MLCC in China, Dalian Dalicap Technology Co., LTD., is serving many world-known enterprises all over the world by high quality products and prompt response. Dalicap will continue to attach great importance to R&D and Quality, constantly forge ahead in order to become the leading supplier of high-end electronic components in the world.